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Blog Tour + Review: Sin and Cider

80e5d-sin2band2bciderSin and Cider by K. Reese

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Designer: Lee Ching of Under Cover Designs

Release Date: May 30, 2017

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Feeling discontent in the big city and hoping to find what’s missing in her life, MacIntosh Layne decides to go back to her roots. Ready for a refresh, she heads home to her family’s orchard in Tennessee for the summer. What she doesn’t count on rediscovering is her attraction to her brother’s charming best friend, Lawson Westbrook. The main star in her dreams growing up, he’s the perfect blend of Southern gentleman and sex in a flannel—rugged, successful, and more handsome than ever.


Lawson can’t believe Mac Layne is all grown up. No longer the gangly teen who went away to college, she’s all woman now and he’s eager to get reacquainted on a carnal level. As they continue to cross paths and their mutual attraction intensifies, he makes an enticing proposal.  

A Choice Must be Made  

Will Mac give in to the sinful temptation of the temporary arrangement Law is offering? Or will they find something sweeter than the cider they’ve been brewing together?  

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Review: The Crawling Terror (Doctor Who)


Title: Doctor Who: The Crawling Terror

Author: Mike Tucker

Published: September 9th 2014

Pages: 256 pages

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 extraterrestrial stars

Published by Broadway Books



Gabby Nichols is putting her son to bed when she hears her daughter cry out. ‘Mummy there’s a daddy longlegs in my room!’ Then the screaming starts… Alan Travers is heading home from the pub when something rushes his face — a spider’s web. Then something huge and deadly lumbers from the shadows… Kevin Alperton is on his way to school when he is attacked by a mosquito. A big one. Then things get dangerous.

But it isn’t the dead man cocooned inside a huge mass of web that worries the Doctor. It isn’t the swarming, mutated insects that make him nervous. It isn’t an old man’s garbled memories of past dangers that intrigue him.

With the village cut off from the outside world, and the insects becoming more and more dangerous, the Doctor knows that no one is safe. Not unless he can decode the strange symbols engraved on an ancient stone circle, and unravel a mystery dating back to the Second World War.


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Blog Tour + Review: Huntress

woman boxer portrait


Title: Huntress (Life After, #1)

Author: Julie Hall

Genre: Teen & Young Adult

Release Date: May 16th (today!)

Page length: 272 pages


Death was only the beginning…

No one’s afterlife is as dispiriting as Audrey’s-at least that’s what she believes after waking up dead without her memories and being promptly assigned to hunt demons for the rest of eternity.

She’s convinced God’s made a cosmic mistake; after all, she’d rather discuss the color of her nails than break them on angelic weapons. It doesn’t help that her trainer, Logan, is as infuriating as he is attractive. And just when Audrey and Logan appear close to developing an amicable relationship, a decision made under duress will push their hearts in a direction neither of them saw coming.

Despite her sub-par fighting abilities, an ancient weapon of unparalleled power chooses Audrey as its wielder, attracting the cautious gazes of her fellow hunters and the attention of Satan himself. With Satan’s eyes now fixed on Audrey, a battle for the safety of the living looms in the shadows.



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Review: Attack on Titan #1 (spoilers)

Title: Attack on Titan #1

Author: Hajime Isayama, Sheldon Drzka (Translator)

Published: June 19th 2012 by (first published March 17th 2010)

Pages: 193 pages

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Published by Kodansha Comics



In this post-apocalyptic sci-fi story, humanity has been devastated by the bizarre, giant humanoids known as the Titans. Little is known about where they came from or why they are bent on consuming mankind. Seemingly unintelligent, they have roamed the world for years, killing everyone they see. For the past century, what’s left of man has hidden in a giant, three-walled city. People believe their 100-meter-high walls will protect them from the Titans, but the sudden appearance of an immense Titan is about to change everything..

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